At Premier Daytox, we understand that each client's road to recovery is unique and personal. Our compassionate professionals will give you the care and support you deserve during your alcohol detoxification treatment. We have special alcohol addiction programs to help you along the recover process. Let us help you with an individualized approach.


Alcohol Detox

Frequent use of alcohol can alter your brain and your level of dependency. Avoid compulsive alcohol seeking behavior and seek private treatment from Premier Daytox based in New Jersey. We know that everyone is different when it comes to detox, that is why we create a personalized treatment plan for each of our clients. Our staff is dedicated to giving you the help you need and deserve. Call us at 732 497-8588 for private help.

Opioid Detox

The most common forms of opiate addiction are a result of prescription or illicit opioids. Opiate addiction has the potential to be extremely uncomfortable and often results in continued opiate use whether your use has been weeks, months or years. A safe home or in-office detox can be orchestrated using a variety of medically-managed programs. One-on-one care is highly effective during your detox program because of the agitation that may result. There is always comfort in knowing that one of our expert clinicians is always on-site by your side 24/7 to comfort, diagnose and treat.
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Drug Detox

Begin your road to recovery in the comfort of your own home with Premier Daytox. We offer a variety of levels of treatment for your specific needs. At Premier Daytox, we believe that privacy is of the upmost importance when you are seeking treatment. We will meet your residence, hotel room or at our facility. We will provide you with the specific medicine that you need for your personalized treatment. Reach us at 732 497-8588 to schedule a consultation today.


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